Thread Theory Belvedere Waistcoat Pattern

Thread Theory Belvedere Waistcoat Pattern

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Sew a timeless waistcoat with the Belvedere Waistcoat pattern!  It is the perfect minimalist piece to wear to formal events.  This design features a curved back seam and long darts to fit the garment close to the body.  It includes a back neckline facing for a high-end professional finish.

The instructions and pattern pieces provide for two approaches:

1. Create a tailored waistcoat complete with welt pockets, a fully canvased front and side seam vents.

2. Sew a quick and easy waistcoat with no pockets and simplified construction techniques.

Both waistcoat projects are great scrap busters since it is easy to mix and match fabrics.

Materials Required (All Sizes):

Main or "Self" Fabric: Light to medium weight suiting fabrics including wool, linen or blends. You can also experiment with unconventional fabrics such as upholstery fabric, corduroy, sturdy knit fabric, canvas or denim. Allow extra fabric if you choose a print that needs matching such as plaids or stripes.

Tip: The welt pockets included in Variation 1 involve a considerable amount of folding. Keep in mind that thick fabric, fabric that frays, or fabric that does not press well will make constructing the pockets more difficult. To make folding the welts easier you could reduce bulk by doing one (or more) of the following: Choose a light to medium weight main fabric, choose a light interfacing, or cut the welt pieces from a light weight contrast fabric.

There are three options when choosing material for the lining and waistcoat back:

  1.  Choose the same fabric for the waistcoat lining and back. Select a good quality lining material since the lining will be visible on the exterior of the waistcoat (a good choice is Bemberg which is a rayon lining fabric).
  2.  Use lining fabric for the waistcoat interior and contrast fabric (such as satin, linen or cotton) for the waistcoat back.
  3. Use lining fabric for the waistcoat interior and the main fabric for the waistcoat back. Waistcoats with a full back (using the main fabric) are usually worn without a suit jacket.

Tip: The cutting layouts and fabric requirements are for option 1, meaning that the back is cut from the same fabric as the lining. To create option 2 or 3, use .75 yds less lining material. Cut piece 2 (waistcoat Back) from 1yd contrast or main fabric.

Additional Supplies:

  • Interfacing: Medium weight fusible or sewn-in interfacing. Excellent options include 100% cotton interfacing, tailoring canvas, or woven fusible interfacing.
  • Variation 1: Six 1/2" to 5/8" buttons
  • Variation 2: Five 1/2" to 5/8" buttons
  • Optional: For stronger pockets, you can use tightly woven cotton (often called pocketing) instead of lining material for the upper and lower pocket bags. If you choose to do this, you will need .25 yards of pocketing fabric. Don't cut out piece 8 or 11 from lining as suggested in the cutting layouts. Instead, cut them out of the pocketing material.

Variation 1:

Main Fabric: 1 yd if 45" wide or 60" wide

Lining: 2.25 yds if 45" wide or 1.5 yds if 60" wide.

Interfacing: 1.5 yds at 20" wide

Variation 2:

Main Fabric: 1 yd if 45" wide or 60" wide

Lining: 2.25 yds if 45" wide or 1.5 yds if 60" wide

Interfacing: 1.5 yards at 20" wide