Sewing Tape Measure Pin by Justine Gilbuena - Teal

Sewing Tape Measure Pin by Justine Gilbuena - Teal

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Sewing Tape Measure Enamel Pin

  • Measures 0.80" tall, 1.13" wide
  • Polished gold hard enamel 
  • Pinned on an illustrated backer card 
  • Packaged using compostable or recyclable materials from the artist's studio in New York
  • Pin illustrated by Justine Gilbuena

Justine Gilbuena is an illustrator and a one-woman shop from New York working with her cat assistant, Peach.

She started designing because she loves the idea of sharing her tiny pieces of art with other people in a tangible way. Some of her designs are inspired by her childhood, growing up in a Filipino household, surrounded by old Singer sewing machines and danish butter cookie tins filled with needles and thread.