Herbal Revolution Wild Rose Flower Essence

Herbal Revolution Wild Rose Flower Essence

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Flower essences are made by infusing the energetics of a flower in water. This is done with the help of the sun or the moon. Herbal Revolution's flower essences are preserved using brandy.

Wild Rose is an expansive yet sweet energy that supports emotional balance and harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Wild Roses are beautiful and fragrant in nature, but they also have prickly thorns and require care when tended to.

Size: 1 oz Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

Suggested Use:

Flower essences can be used on your body, dropped directly in your mouth, or used on items in your physical space (linens, yoga mat, altars, etc.). Flower essences can also be added to water or mixed with any other drink.

Wild Rose can be used during energy work, like reikii — especially when that energy work that is meant to bring harmony to our heads, souls, and bodies. If you are feeling any one emotion too intensely, reach for Wild Rose Flower Essence to help achieve balance.


Maine Wild Rose blossoms sun-infused in distilled spring water, preserved with 40% brandy alcohol.