Friday The Ilford Jacket Pattern

Friday The Ilford Jacket Pattern

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"The Ilford Jacket is a versatile style that’s modular
design makes for a pattern that is simple, yet impactful. It can be
customized a million different ways and really is a “choose your own
adventure” type of pattern that incorporates your design sense into the

It features drop shoulders and comes with two
sleeve options: a placketed sleeve with cuff, and an easy to sew boxy
sleeve for a more relaxed vibe. It also includes two lengths as well as a
bunch of pocket templates that you can mix and match! The possibilities
are endless! You can wear the Ilford as a jacket or shirt depending on
the fabric you use. This is a fun, skill building pattern that you will want to make/wear again and again!

This pattern is for everyone and looks great on all genders!"

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