Cocoknits-Leather Cord Set

Cocoknits-Leather Cord Set

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These leather cords are excellent for knitters juggling multiple projects at a time. Now you can hold the live stitches of several projects at once with this extra set of leather cords. The leather is vegetable tanned and soft enough to use on finer yarns. See product details below. 

  • One Long Cord – 59"/150 cm
  • Two Short Cords  – 29.5"/75 cm

Care instructions: 

  • These vegetable tanned leather cords need minimal care and maintenance.
  • Just like hands, leather can get dry & needs moisturizing. We suggest, if needed, treat the cord with thread conditioner to keep them smooth and limber.
  • Leather has a grain, so be sure to "go with the grain" when sliding stitches on & off the cord