Chiaogoo TWIST 4" MINI Interchangeable Set

Chiaogoo TWIST 4" MINI Interchangeable Set

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These MINI tips are ChiaoGoo's "Next Generation" solid stainless steel that have a tightening hole. This will enable knitters to use a second tightening key (in conjunction with the one used on the cable-side) and leverage them against each other when securing your connection.  The threads on these next generation MINIs tips are stronger because they are made out of one solid piece of steel. The size is laser imprinted on each tip and the cables are the same red, multi-strand steel cable that everyone has come to love.

Set includes five pairs of 4 inch (10 cm) Mini, surgical-grade, stainless steel, lace tips and four MINI TWIST red cable lengths to make (2) 16 inch (40cm), (1) 22 inch (60cm), and (1) 30 inch (80cm)  circulars. The MINI set also includes a needle gauge and MINI Tools Kit that contains the following: MINI cable connectors (2), MINI end stoppers (4), MINI T-shaped tightening keys (2), stitch markers (6) and a heart-shaped rubber gripper with an extra-sticky back.  The set comes in a compact, 2-pocket, black mesh pouch that fits easily into the current ChiaoGoo interchangeable case.  A sleeve with labeled pockets is also included to hold the MINI tips.

5 pairs of 4 inch (10 cm) MINI tips in sizes US 000 (1.5mm), 00 (1.75mm), 0 (2mm), 1 (2.25mm), and 1.5 (2.5mm).4 Twist MINI cables. (2) 8", (1) 14", (1) 22" to make circulars of 16" (40 cm) 22", and 30" lengths.2 MINI cable connectors2 MINI end stoppers4 MINI cord keys6 stitch markers1 rubber gripper1 needle gaugePackaged in a black mesh pouch

Please Note: ONLY compatible with the TWIST MINI cables, MINI stoppers, MINI connectors, and MINI keys. MINI tips, cables and accessories are not compatible with ChiaoGoo [S] and [L] sized interchangeable parts & pieces.