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Enter.....the Galaxy

Handmade Galaxy Contest!

Join us!

This January we are sponsoring a contest honoring and celebrating the Galaxy!  The patterns and forms in this sparkly world are somehow reassuring to me.  They are mysterious, full of light and constant while always evolving. Please send us an original, handmade section of the galaxy…one planet, a solar system, abstract shapes, the whole Milkyway… anything you can imagine that lives way, way up.  These works do not need to be representational.  Work pictured above is by Dijanne Cevaal.


What Counts as part of the Galaxy?

We are looking for beautiful, colorful, interesting planets or other parts of the galaxy as well as all the other creatures that may live up there…fictional or real.  If you want to go microscopic that is ok too!  Submissions must be 3-D.  Size is not important although it would be nice for them to be big enough so we can see and appreciate detail.  They may be knit, sewn, crocheted, felted, knotted, embroidered and molded out of any fiber. Ceramic and or mixed media is ok too.  We are looking for the most interesting, mysterious, sparkling, magical work you can dream up.  In creating…let’s be grateful for the amazing world that we live in.  For inspiration, I have put together a mood board here:

Call for Entries:  First 3 entries get a free Brooklyn General T-shirt.  Entries can be hand delivered to our curb with minimal contact or mailed to Brooklyn General Store, 128 Union St., Brooklyn, NY, 11231.  They may come from any part of the world. Artwork will be judged on originality, craftsmanship, and all-around celestial beauty.

Dates and Deadlines:  Call for entries begin January 28th! Contest ends April 28th and all art must be received by that date.  The Galaxy will be kept on display in the shop until the end of the May.  Winning pieces will be announced in our newsletter and on IG and FB the week following the end of the contest with links to winner’s IG if desired. (be sure to include IG address with your entry if you would like us to post this info).

Rules & Restrictions:  All work must be handmade by the participant.  Youth entries must be made with minimal parent involvement. All work must be self-designed. You can submit up to three works.  If you want your entry returned you must include a self-addressed, appropriately sized, padded envelope/box with the correct postage already on it.  Postage for the return of entries will be the sole responsibility of the participant. There is no insurance on return shipping and safe delivery of wayward work is not guaranteed. Entries to be picked up in person must be reclaimed by June 15, 2021.  If you would like your work to be entered into our auction, please let us know. Auction will be scheduled for June 15th and all proceeds from the auction will be donated to our scholarship fund for textile arts education. If your work does not sell in the auction it will be returned to you.

Prizes: Judging will be held on April 1st and winners will be announced the following week.

1st Prize:  $75 Brooklyn General Store gift certificate.

2nd Prize:  $50 Brooklyn General Store gift certificate.

3rd Prize:  $25 Brooklyn General Store gift certificate.

Youth Prizes (0-15 yrs): Two entries will be awarded one $20 Brooklyn General Store gift certificate.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!