Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At Brooklyn General Store, we strive to make diversity and inclusion paramount in our organization. We are committed to standing in the gap and lifting up BIPOC through several avenues.  We donate monthly to BLM and EJO,  In addition, we donate to local organizations as we are able.   We are committed to supporting a BGS +STS scholarship foundation for BIPOC to grow and learn within the fiber arts.  We are committed to creating a diverse workforce.  We are actively highlighting BIPOC makers in our regular newsletters, creating a library for our staff and discussing ways we can support BIPOC in our weekly staff meetings. We do not tolerate disrespect or violence against BIPOC, LGBTQ2IAAP+, or other marginalized groups of people, ever. Our work is evolving as we are. 

BIPOC = Black, indigenous people of color

lbtq2iaap+ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer, Two Spirit, Intersex, A-sexual, A-gender, Pan-sexual, + everyone else