Gut LIghts and Moonshadows-5 week Workshop with Krista Dragomer

Gut LIghts and Moonshadows-5 week Workshop with Krista Dragomer

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The Gut Lights & Moon Shadows Workshop is the companion to the GL&MS deck. In this workshop, we will use the cards, weekly assignments, activities, and group conversation to explore deeper connection with your creative self, practice, and projects. It is a kind of creative self care workshop. There is no pressure to do, make or be anything: you get to learn and play in a safe environment of other creatively curious people. 


Anyone! You do not need to have any specific background or previous experience to take this workshop. I already have an art (visual art, writing, dance etc) practice that I want to develop further, is this workshop for me? Yes! This workshop helps you connect with the curiosities and intuitions that drive your creative pursuits, gives you tools for reflecting on how you set up your work space, how you use your time, and gives you tools for getting through creative blocks.


Each week you will receive prompts to guide you through a week’s worth of creative investigations using the Gut Lights & Moon Shadows deck. Class time will be spent sharing our reflections on the week followed by guided exercises. It is up to you to interpret the prompts as you wish: you can draw, write, sing, or dance your way through them as you are called to do so. People working on one specific skill set can use these to develop these skills in new ways, while others may want to use the prompts to explore new territories.

Saturdays 11-12:30 January 1/7-2/4