Solar Noon Heart Hug Tincture - 4oz

Solar Noon Heart Hug Tincture - 4oz

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This elixir is here to help soften your emotional heart, allowing feelings of joy, love + compassion as well as grief to flow more easily. Helps with intuition, heartbreak and emotional blockages.

Directions: Add one dropper full, or about 15-20 drops to a small glass of water, or tea. Repeat as needed.

Ingredients: Hawthorn Flowers and leaves*, Rose Petals*, Lemon Balm*, Tulsi*, Blue Vervain*, Vibrational essence of violet flower, Glycerine*, Distilled water, Grain Alcohol  (*certified organic) 

Hawthorn Flower and Leaf: Deeply nourishing and rejuvenating - Hawthorn is like food for the heart. It is restorative to the tissues of the entire cardiovascular system, from the capillaries all the way to the heart itself. Hawthorn has the same effect on the emotional heart, softening and clearing blockages of old emotional wounds, and allowing us to express our truest inner light.

Rose Petals: Queen of the flowers. With its soft, delicate petals, and its sharp thorns, rose reminds us that softness and strength can coexist. That strength doesn't need to mean rigidity and that being open and soft at the heart center allows resiliency and beauty to flourish.

Lemon Balm: is a very special herb! It is a nervine - a group of herbs that support and nourish the nervous system. It is also said to chase away melancholy. Taking lemon balm is like wrapping yourself in a warm, fuzzy blanket and feeling all worldly worry melt away.